Because strong technology deserves an opportunity to thrive...

Feature Capital Partners is an Integrated advisory and financial services firm that bridges emergent technology with world-class product development and commercialization opportunities.

The Integrated Model

Our platform approach connects emergent companies with large design & manufacturing partners and brand-managing OEM’s – “Big Technology”

Only by offering end-to-end financial services from business development to Series financing are we able to connect the dots and unlock the value between innovators and Big Technology


Presently Feature Capital is working collaboratively with technology original design manufacturers (ODM’s) to source, analyze and grow select, high-growth companies in North America and Europe.

New Technology
ODM & Major Brands

Working with "Big Technology"

I. Big ODM & OEM firms have aggressive deal-generation programs to fuel core business
II. Huge technical staff have unparalleled technical feasibility and due diligence processes
III. ODM's develop new products with the design & engineering expertise needed to ensure products will succeed at scale
IV. OEM's can take new products rapidly to market under globally-recognized brands

Joint Analysis

Review and planning processes are combined into a unparalleled due diligence process for new engagements
Design/engineering feasibility
Business Case Review
business case & Volume projections
Financial Due diligence
OEM Cross-pollination potential
Advisory services agreement
Product development program
Funding schedule

Value Creation

Our integrated model reduces risk and creates tangible benefits for our investors, our clients and our ODM and brand partners
O D M & B R A N D
T E C H C O .
  • Feature Capital Benefits
  • Superior deal flow
  • Access to technical due diligence
  • Access to OEM client roster
  • Privileged access to Asian markets
  • ODM Benefits
  • Access to financial due diligence
  • Funding & advisory support for new clients
  • Better access to innovation than competitors
  • Further expanded deal flow
  • Tech Co. Benefits
  • End-to-end financial services
  • Access to world-class product development opportunities
  • OEM branding opportunities
  • Entry point into Asian markets

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