Our Focus

Our Focus

Who we look for
We get exposed to the full spectrum of tech entrepreneurs and we've responded by developing an adaptable model. Simply put, we look for exceptional technology that makes the world more efficient, helps people and creates enjoyment. Everything else is a blank that can be filled in.
R&D Teams

Technical teams with unique IP that need access to additional design/engineering resources and financial services



Companies with commercialized products that need GTM partners, channels to market, advisory and Series financing

Mid-Sized OEM's

Companies with strong revenue that aren’t on the Fortune 500 radar – looking to make big moves with big players and put themselves on the map


Big OEM's

Very large companies that are suffering from a dearth of innovation and slow-moving corporate culture Рneed innovative products that have been vetted and matured by well-known finance and technology partners

Tell us about your idea

Please feel free to submit your product and company details to see how they fit with our services.

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