Feature Capital Partners Ltd.

Feature Capital Partners was founded by industry veterans in private equity, financial law, investment banking, consumer technology and electronics manufacturing. Drawing from diverse backgrounds, FCP’s founders identified major gaps in the commercialization of new technology that could only be filled by integrating the key players in technology and finance that influence products from concept to widespread market adoption.

With the Internet of Things set to revolutionize industry at a scale never before seen, the need for an integrated solution has never been higher and Feature Capital is positioned to meet the IoT storm head on with a globally-unique solution for generating game changing products and major financial wins.

Original Design Manufacturers

ODM’s are critical to our investment strategy and the value-creation and risk-reduction that results from financial services and ODM collaboration is the engine that drives our business model.

Working with an ODM:

  • ODM’s provide sophisticated analysis to eliminate tech risk;
  • They can effectively design & scale any type of electronic technology brought to them;
  • They have long-standing client relationships with giant tech vendors and global distribution networks

Our firm addresses the financial and due-diligence risk that has historically plagued ODM’s and Major Brands when investing in innovative young companies. Our unique set of services ranging from business development to VC investment, fund-raising and larger IPO and M&A transactions allows us to engage with any company they can.


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