End-to-End Services
Offering uninterrupted services allows trust to grow, due diligence to accumulate and momentum to build from concept to exit
At Engagement
Seed capital - Bridge notes - Sales agency - Design feasibility - ODM introductions
Maturation Stage
Business model development - Financial modeling - ODM product development - Management additions - Series-A financing
Scale & Exit
Volume manufacturing - Sales acceleration - New market entry - OEM branding - Series B-C financing - Fund-raising - IPO - M&A Exits
Risk Management & ROI

Our model front-loads due diligence, analysis, technical feasibility and volume projections;  carefully mapping out the commercialization process BEFORE major investment and product development decisions

FCP due diligence
Design/Engineering feasibility
OEM brand/licensing opportunities
PRD & project planning
Develop financial roadmap
Confirm product development cost & timeline
Confirm manufacturing & OEM partners
Growth Strategies

By leveraging ODM, OEM and other strategic relationships, FCP can implement creative strategies to further drive client company growth and product adoption

Fun Fact
Sales Acceleration

Facilitating quick sales wins for clients is highly effective at building trust and kicking off the relationship and FCP begins all engagements with referral agreements to connect clients with large customers in the FCP network.


Asian Market Entry

The ODM presence in Taiwan and China is extensive and opens up many channels for new products to get traction in difficult to access Asian markets.


Fun Fact

A client’s technology can be cycled back to OEM’s for licensing in new product lines – a process that drives revenue to increases product awareness


Platform Integration

Incorporation of IoT and Smart Home platforms into new products is a powerful option to drive product adoption – FCP’s ODM partners are adept at integrating these platform technologies into new products.


Fun Fact

Select products are well-suited to promotion from high-profile investors and press-releases from major ODM and OEM’s marketing the relationship.


Strategy 6: White Label

Major OEM’s are eager to access innovative products to be branded and brought to market before their competition – having established funding and manufacturing partners greatly expedites the process

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